Text analytics and NLP software libraries for on-premise deployment or integration.

The Salience 6 API is provided to you for local integration of your applications with advanced NLP text analytics. At its core the API is built using C. However, we do provide wrappers for C# (.NET), Java, and Python that allow for direct integration in those languages.

For developers experienced with Salience 5.x, many of the API methods and data structures will look very familiar, with certain extensions to provide access to new functionality. Please refer to the Migration Guides for the various supported wrappers when migrating existing code to Salience 6.

The base Salience API is provided as a set of includes and libraries, and is the lowest level of integration to the text analytics engine available to customers.

Note: The Salience 6 distributions contain pre-compiled .Net, Java, and python wrappers, as well as the source code for these wrappers.