Getting Started

Natural language processing text analytics software for on-premises deployment and integration.

Integrating Salience 6 into your applications will give you the power of advanced NLP analytics for unstructured text. The Salience engine is highly customizable for many different use cases and gives you the ability to dig into a large quantity of data and gain insights to whichever type of content you are analyzing.

:pushpin: Note: For developers experienced with Salience 5.x, many of the API methods and data structures will look familiar, with certain extensions to provide access to new functionality. Please refer to the Migration Guides for the various supported wrappers for guidance in migrating existing code to Salience 6.

At its core Salience is built using C++ and we provide an API compatible with C and C++. Additionally, we provide wrappers for C# (.NET), Java, and Python that allow for interfacing with Salience in those languages.

The base API is provided as header files and libraries allowing for import and use of the provided functions. It is the lowest level of integration available.

For those who are making use of the wrappers we also include documentation for that.

We provide various options for the Salience engine and its functions, so you can fine tune to your use case. We also provide documentation on errors and warning codes that may come up during development. Syntax is included for the base API and for the languages supported through the wrappers.

There are some differences getting started depending which operating system you are working on and which version of the API you are using. Salience API and its wrappers are compatible with Windows and Linux.