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This directory contains files that support the sentence identification. For each file, click on the filename for more detailed information below.


Externalization of the patterns used to identify different sentence types

Additional .dat files

Files that describe common ways of phrasing the action specified by filename


This file aids in the identification of different sentence types, such as imperative sentences. The file format is:

<label> <tab> <pattern>

The @ symbol indicates a macro used later in the file. The # symbol indicates an additional data file in this directory for use in the pattern.

Additional .dat files

There are several additional data files in this directory that provide common ways of phrasing an action indicated by the filename, such as avoid.dat, continue.dat, ensure.dat, must.dat, etc. For example, must.dat has entries such as "must", "need to", "should", "ought to", etc.

The datafile sentencetype.dat uses these datafiles to differentiate when a sentence is or isn't an imperative, where the phrases in these additional data files are common phrases that signify imperative behavior. These can be expanded/customized by users for better coverage.

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