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As discussed for the various sections of the [data directory][2], the user folder is the place for users to make customizations to data files.


  • -The user directory is a template for a directory of customizations to the data directory.
  • -Salience uses data/user as the default location for customizations to default data files.
  • -Multiple copies of the user directory can exist in order to support multiple customization sets.
  • -Additional copies of the user directory can be placed anywhere on the filesystem, and specified for use by Salience using the appropriate User Directory option.

In order to support customization of the default data files, the user directory has the same structure as the data directory. Refer to documentation of the default data files for specifics of customizing the following:


Customization of chunker data files


Customization of salience data files for entity extraction, sentiment analysis, and other API results


Customization of stopwords data files for stemming and stopword functionality


Customization of tagger data files for part-of-speech tagging


Customization of themes data files for theme extraction


Customization of tokenizer data files for text tokenization

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