Installing on Windows

Salience 6 supports 64-bit versions of Windows 7 and 10.

For the purpose of this guide, we'll assume that the Salience distribution has been downloaded to C:\Users\devuser\Downloads and is being installed on a 64-bit Windows machine.

1) Download and run the installation

Download the current Windows install executable and run it:

In Windows Explorer, open C:\Users\devuser\Downloads and double-click Salience-6.5.x-x64.exe

Click Next on the installation Welcome screen

Set the desired installation location and click Next on the installation Choose Install Location screen

NOTE: The installer is a 32-bit executable, even in the case of the 64-bit Windows distribution. It is recommended that you change the default install location to C:\Program Files\Lexalytics on this screen.

Click Install on the installation Choose Components screen

'Wait! I ran into a problem with the Windows runtime support needed!'

There are environments which do not contain the runtime support needed for Salience, in which case the installer will attempt to download the runtime support from Microsoft.

2) Provide the license

The Lexalytics license file can exist anywhere on your system for the purposes of working with the API, however the demonstration applications provided by the Windows installation expect the license file to exist in the root of the installation as license.v5:

Copy license file to C:\Program Files\Lexalytics and rename to license.v5

3) Explore the Salience SDK

Now that you have Salience deployed to your system, you can focus on the examples provided for your development environment of choice and getting familiar with the Salience API for that development environment. Use the links below to learn more about getting started with development in the supported languages:

You can also see Salience output using the Salience Demo Functionality overview