Navigating the user interface

The menu bar

The menu bar at the top of the Salience Demo main window provides access to the major facilities of the application.

Load File
This displays a standard file browser dialog to select a text file to open in Salience Demo for analysis.

Refresh Engine
If changes are made to files in the data directory while the Salience Demo is open, Salience needs to be refreshed in order to read in those changes.

Profile dropdown
This dropdown list displays the profiles available for use. Profiles consist of the data directory to use, the user directory of customizations, and session options.

This displays a dialog showing session options which can adjust how the current content is processed by certain functions. For example, the sentiment dictionary to use or concept topic file. The results panel for certain API functions will also display an Options button for access to particularly relevant options for that function.

This displays a basic Help dialog with application version information.

The main window

Salience Demo consists largely of a single screen split into various sections. Some API results can be double-clicked to access additional details about individual results, but the majority of interaction will be on this main screen.

Function access
This left portion of the main screen contains a list of the text analytics functionality that can be executed by Salience Demo on the current content. The functionality is separated into various sections; document functions, named entity and user-defined entity functionality, and text markup functionality.

Content panel
The top half of the screen displays the current content to be analyzed. The current content can be loaded into this portion of the screen by clicking the Load File button on the menu bar and browsing for a text file, or simply copy-pasting text into the Content panel.

Results panel
The bottom half of the screen changes depending on the selection in the function access panel of the screen. The Process button executes that API function on the current content, with results returned in the applicable grid(s) in the results panel. Certain functions also display an Options button in the results panel for access to options that are relevant or required for that function.

The status bar

The status bar at the bottom of Salience Demo main window displays the path to the current Data Directory and User Directory in use.