Base Options



setOption_TaggingThreshold(session, nThreshold, acConfigurationID)

Salience rejects documents with high density of symbols. Defaults to 80, lower values are less picky about symbols.

See also: [Options->Base Options->Tagging Threshold]


setOption_CalculateListsAndTables(session, nCalculate, acConfigurationID)

Calculate if the document contains lists and tables.

See also: [Options->Base Options->CalculateListsAndTables]


setOption_MaxExecutionTime(session, nTimeout, acConfigurationID)

Maximum time in milliseconds certain functions are allowed to run for.

See also: [Options->Base Options->Max Execution Time]


setOption_FailOnLongSentences(session, nProcess, acConfigurationID)

When a document contains a very long sentence, should you process the rest of the document? (0=process)

See also: [Options->Base Options->Fail On Long Sentences]


setOption_UserDirectory(session, sUserDir, acConfigurationID)

Sets path to user directory of customizations.

See also: [Options->Base Options->User Directory]


setOption_ConceptSlop(session, fValue, acConfigurationID)

Threshold indicating overlap for concepts, used when merging themes together. Lower values generate far more merges. fValue should be between 0 and 1.

See also: [Options->Base Options->Concept Slop]


setOption_DocumentSemantics(session, nUseSemantics, acConfigurationID)

Use concept matrix for themes on a per document basis. If set to 1, will roll themes together.

See also: [Options->Base Options->Document Semantics]


setOption_ProcessAsOneSentence(session, nProcess, acConfigurationID)

Process the entire document as a single sentence. This is good for Twitter and other microblog content which can consist of multiple sentence fragments.

See also: [Options->Base Options->ProcessAsOneSentence]


setOption_UseSharedMemory(session, nUseSharedMemory, acConfigurationID)

Puts large data files into interprocess memory space for a smaller overall footprint. This option defaults to true on Windows, false on Linux.

NOTE: Use on Linux may require running the following command (as root or with sudo): /sbin/sysctl -w kernel.shmmax=4294967296.

See also: [Options->Base Options->Use Shared Memory]


setOption_ProcessComplexStems(session, nProcessComplexStems, acConfigurationID)

Enables the processing of words containing repeated characters (ex. "I loooovvvve Salience" into "I love Salience") at a cost of processing time. New datafile allows sentiment multiplier to be specified for occurrences.

See also: [Options->Base Options->Process Complex Stems]


setOption_FlattenAllUpperCase(session, nFlattenAllUpperCase, acConfigurationID)

Flattens upper case content to lower case for improved POS tagging.

See also: [Options->Base Options->FlattenAllUpperCase]


setOption_ContentHTML(session, nHTMLContent, acConfigurationID)

Enable processing of HTML content.

See also: [Options->Base Options->Process HTML Content]


setOption_AlternateForms(session, nAlternateForms, acConfigurationID)

Allow the internal use of possible intended versus observed word choices (e.g. "there" vs. "their").

See also: [Options->Base Options->Use Alternate Forms]


setOption_UseChainer(session, acConfigurationID)

Disables the lexical chainer wherever it can be, and falls back to a simpler chaining algorithm for summarization.

See also: [Options->Base Options->Use Chainer]


setOption_UseChunkParser(session, acConfigurationID)

Disables the chunk parser for a speedup at the cost of turning off intentions, weakening negation, and potentially more in the future.

See also: [Options->Base Options->Use Chunk Parser]