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Concept Options



setOption_MaxConceptTopicHits(session, nMaxHits, acConfigurationID)

Limit of concept topic results to return.

See also: [Options->Concept Options->Max Concept Topic Hits]


setOption_MinConceptTopicScore(session, fScore, acConfigurationID)

Minimum score to accept a concept topic to document link.

See also: [Options->Concept Options->Min Concept Topic Score]


setOption_ConceptTopicWindowSize(session, nSize, acConfigurationID)

Smaller values allow small, on topic text to match concepts for the whole document.

See also: [Options->Concept Options->Concept Topic Window Size]


setOption_ConceptTopicWindowJump(session, nJump, acConfigurationID)

Smooths out the window feature, at a slight performance hit. Should never be larger than window size.

See also: [Options->Concept Options->Concept Topic Window Jump]


setOption_NongrammaticalTopics(session, nValue, acConfigurationID)

Set to 0 if your concept topics are defined by sentences, 1 if they are collections of words.

See also: [Options->Concept Options->Non-grammatical Topics]


setOption_ConceptTopicList(session, sPath, acConfigurationID)

List of concept topic definitions (or path to a file containing them).

See also: [Options->Concept Options->Concept Topic List]

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Concept Options

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