Entity Options



setOption_RequiredEntities(session, sEntityTypes, acConfigurationID)

List of entities you want reported (leave empty if you want all of them).

See also: [Options->Entity Options->Required Entities]


setOption_AnaphoraResolution(session, nLink, acConfigurationID)

Whether to link pronouns and entities.

See also: [Options->Entity Options->Anaphora Resolution]


setOption_EntityModelSensitivity(session, nValue, acConfigurationID)

A value between 0 and 100, controls tradeoff between getting good results on problematic documents or maintaining fast throughput (100 accepts the highest degradation).

See also: [Options->Entity Options->Model Sensitivity]


setOption_EntityThreshold(session, nValue, acConfigurationID)

A value between 0 and 100, controls how confident Salience must be to return an entity.

See also: [Options->Entity Options->Entity Threshold]


setOption_EntitySummaryLength(session, nLength, acConfigurationID)

How many sentences to include in entity summaries (0 to turn the feature off)

See also: [Options->Entity Options->Entity Summary Length]


setOption_EntityOverlap(session, nValue, acConfigurationID)

Whether User Entities can overlap each other.

See also: [Options->Entity Options->Entity Overlap]


setOption_UserEntityList(session, sPath, acConfigurationID)

List or path to file of User Entity Definitions.

See also: [Options->Entity Options->User Entity List]


setOption_OverlapSentimentThemes(session, nValue, acConfigurationID)

By default, sentiment database entries can't include dictionary entries. Set this option to 1 to allow this behavior. "Good day" and "good" will both be seen as sentiment phrases.

See also: [Options->Entity Options->Overlap Sentiment Themes]


setOption_EntityTopics(session, bEntityTopics, acConfigurationID)

Whether or not to calculate topic matches for all entities.

See also: [Options->Entity Options->Entity Topics]


setOption_StemUserEntityContent(session, nStemUserEntityContent, acConfigurationID)

Whether to stem the content provided when processing user entities.

See also: [Options->Base Options->Stem User Entity Content]


setOption_EntityUserDirectoryOnly(session, nEntityUserDirectoryOnly, acConfigurationID)

When turned on, allows named entities to operate using only the files from user/salience/entities rather than both the user and the data folder.

See also: [Options->Base Options->Use User Directory Only]