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Summary Options



setOption_SummaryDelimiter(session, sSummaryDelimiter, acConfigurationID)

Changes the summary delimiter to user-provided string.

See also: [Options->Summary Options->Summary sentence delimiter]


setOption_SummaryQuotesIntact(session, nSummaryQuotesIntact, acConfigurationID)

When enabled, summary sentences that are part of a quote will include the entire quote.

See also: [Options->Summary Options->Keep quotes intact]


setOption_SummaryMinSentenceLength(session, nMinSentenceLength, acConfigurationID)

Minimum length (in words) of a sentence to be used in summary.

See also: [Options->Summary Options->Minimum summary sentence length]


setOption_SummaryAllowInitialConjunction(session, nAllowInitialConjunction, acConfigurationID)

If turned off, sentences starting with conjunctions are not used in summaries. By default, sentences that begin with a conjunction can be selected to appear in a summary.

See also: [Options->Summary Options->Allow initial conjunction]


setOption_SummaryEarlySentenceCount(session, nEarlySentenceCount, acConfigurationID)

Number of sentences considered "early" when generating summaries.

See also: [Options->Summary Options->Cut-off for "early" sentences]


setOption_SummaryEarlySentenceBonus(session, fEarlySentenceBonus, acConfigurationID)

Bonus to early sentences when generating summaries.

See also: [Options->Summary Options->Early sentence bonus]


setOption_SummaryPronounPenalty(session, fPronounPenalty, acConfigurationID)

Penalty for using pronouns in a sentence when selecting them for summaries.

See also: [Options->Summary Options->Penalty to sentence with pronoun]


setOption_SummaryIdealLength(session, nIdealLength, acConfigurationID)

Target summary sentence length (in words).

See also: [Options->Summary Options->Length for "ideal" sentences]


setOption_SummaryLengthPenalty(session, fLengthPenalty, acConfigurationID)

Penalty for deviating from target summary sentence length.

See also: [Options->Summary Options->Non-ideal sentence penalty]


setOption_SummaryDiversity(session, fDiversity, acConfigurationID)

How strongly to encourage uniqueness in the sentences in a summary.

See also: [Options->Summary Options->Summary sentence diversity]

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Summary Options

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