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Salience 6.1 Release 2015-05-18 (r598)

This is the first release of Salience 6.1.


  • Queries can now be used in an hsd file to assign sentiment/
  • Entity Sentiment is now calculated with a chunk parsing based algorithm. The old algorithm can still be used with the Chained Entity Sentiment option. The new algorithm is more accurate, but produces more neutral results.
  • Queries are now optionally insensitive to accents/diacritics.


  • Pattern Files now support a (=~s~'term') syntax to match all stems of a term.
  • Added suppport for multiple classification models at once.
  • Improved negation handling
  • Improved stemming of irregular English verbs.
  • Language detection now supports Russian, Arabic and Dutch
  • Added Use Chainer option which improves runtime performance at a small accuracy cost.
  • Added support for Intentions with no objects, and some additional types in the pattern restriction file.
  • Sped up Demo startup time
  • Autocategories updated to match the current category naming on Wikipedia
  • Some general performance improvements

Bug fixes

  • Fixed support of multibyte characters in queries
  • Fixed some occasional crashes
  • Fixed issue with changing query options (like max query length) after having already loaded the query file.
  • Fixed abbreviations in language detection: ge => de, sp => es
  • If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

Updated about a year ago

Salience 6.1 Release 2015-05-18 (r598)

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