Salience 6.1 Update 2015-09-23 (r835)

This update provides the following bug fixes and enhancements to the core Salience 6.1 library:

Bug fixes
· Fixed bug that could cause query sentiment to return incorrect values.
· Workaround for bug in java handling of unicode surrogate characters (most relevant to newly released emoji).
· Fixed missing sentiment in User Defined entities with no-chain mode enabled.
· Fixed crash from repeatedly adding and removing configurations with the same name
· Fixed bug where user entities weren't being treated as case insensitive.

· Added option to disable entity themes for a performance boost.
· Expanded supported negations and negation breakers.
· Added Nordic, Romanian, Bulgarian, Hungarian and Turkish to supported languages in the language detection feature.
· Improved startup time.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]