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Salience 6.1.1 Update 2016-01-29 (r1103)

This update provides the following bug fixes and enhancements to the core Salience 6.1.1 library:

Bug fixes
· Fixed memory leak on long sentences with fail-on-long-sentences mode disabled.
· Added missing "entity themes" option in Java wrapper.
· Fixed a very rare thread contention bug on windows during multithreaded startup.
· Wildcarded prefixes in queries can no longer be stemmed.
· Fixed two crashes on pathological documents.

· Salience now features second tier languages (document sentiment and query support for additional languages: currently Arabic, Danish, Norwegian, Russian and Swedish).
· Added user entity ignore accents option to control whether to consider diacratics when matching letters (are á and a the same?).
· The symbol '*' can now be escaped and used in queries.
· More emoticons are being assigned sentiment. · Correct tokenization of phrases like M&M and AT&T. · Changed query and theme sentiment window calculation.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

Updated about a year ago

Salience 6.1.1 Update 2016-01-29 (r1103)

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