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Salience 6.3.0 Release 2018-02-16 (r2314)

This is the Salience 6.3 release, introducing support for Assembler machine learning models, SDK support for python 3, and more.

· Added runtime support for custom machine learning models developed for Assembler professional services engagements
· Added python 3 wrapper
· Added support for query topics in Basic Languages
· Added support for Thai and Vietnamese Basic Language data directories

· Improved backward negation through adjustment of negation pattern matcher
· Improved entity sentiment attribution links
· Allow use of entity threshold values < 55
· Improved cases where "no" was applied as a negator and an intensifier
· Allow user entities to override named entities if entity overlap is disabled
· Added support for emoji-11
· Removed unused /spelling folder from data directory
· Fixed misleading file path in example code

Bug fixes
· Fixed a bug causing entity sentiment score to be returned as 0
· Fixed a bug preventing complexstems.dat from being overridden in user directory
· Fixed a bug in which the query operator in PTN files was not working
· Fixed a bug in second-tier languages in which queries were rejected because of stemming
· Fixed a bug in the .Net SDK in which sentiment phrases for query topics were not being populated

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

Updated about a year ago

Salience 6.3.0 Release 2018-02-16 (r2314)

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