Salience 6.5.0 Release 2019-10-14 (r1741)

This is the Salience 6.5 release, introducing support for a greater variety of Assembler machine learning models, the ability to verify that models behave correctly and more including faster runtime speeds.


  • You can now specify a path for Salience to log information to when constructing a session.
  • Salience was leaving two environment variables behind when you ran the uninstaller on Windows.
  • Added option to specify a URL where the Basic Language Server is running if you want to split that across machines. This requires you to manage the server (launch it, restart it if it dies).
  • "Next of" rules in an entity relationship can now filter by entity labels as well as types.
  • Added DisableChunkParser option. This degrades accuracy for a number of features (sentiment, entities, ...) but speeds processing.
  • Themes/normalizations.dat no longer requires that you enter stemmed forms of themes. Fixed stemming of single word themes (don't exist by default but can be enabled via rules.ptn).
  • Relationships now return the specific mentions of the entity they matched, instead of all mentions of those entities.
  • More features supported inside custom models.
  • Added clearer labels for hierarchical model-based entity labels (e.g. Organization/Company/Bank).
  • Queries against a token can reference only mentions with a specific POS tag using the "_" character, for example: cook_VB will only match "cook" being used as a verb.
  • Performance enhancements to running custom models.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug where gluepatterns was appending a space on the start of the glued token.
  • Fixed bug when using the *{min,max} pattern syntax in a relationship file (since that also uses curly braces).
  • Fixed character offset errors near Chinese punctuation, and when using gluepatterns.dat to combine tokens.

Migration strategy

  • There are no API changes required to use Salience 6.5.
  • If you have fr-data-2485, which contains an old Assembler model, you must upgrade to fr-data-2781 or later if you are using Salience 6.5
  • If you have fr-data-2111, you can use this with Salience 6.5 and see the same results as before.
  • Ports 15980-16108 should not be firewalled on any machine running Salience 6.5 because they are now used for MLHandler and MLWorker processes.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]