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Salience 6.5.1 Release 2020-02-06 (r1847)


  • You can now specify a list of sentiment phrases that will always be associated to a specific topic query for topic sentiment calculation
  • Mention locations now returned for basic languages
  • POS tags now returned for basic languages
  • Sentiment phrase modification supported for basic languages
  • Salience now tokenizes input for languages without space based tokenization before running topic queries

Bug fixes

  • Salience crash when MaxQueryLength was set
  • BasicAddress option did not allow hitting of remote servers
  • When enabling ManualBasicManagement, Salience will indefinitely attempt to connect to a session
  • Fix score over-riding in Salience entities

Migration strategy
No changes should be required in your application for using 6.5.1

Updated about a year ago

Salience 6.5.1 Release 2020-02-06 (r1847)

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