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Salience 6.6.1 Release 2020-07-07(r1851)

Due to a bug related to our basic languages in Salience 6.6.0, we have removed the old build and updated Salience 6.6 with a new version. Salience 6.6.1 will be considered the first version of 6.6. We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion. Updated July 7, 2020.


  • Better entity recognition in Arabic and Russian
  • Support for more sophisticated model types in Salience including deep learning models
  • Better control over basic language startup
  • All theme mentions are now shown, not just the first of each string
  • Added better support for very long sentences
  • MLHandler can now run BERT models
  • Improve Salience error messages
  • Include entity label in Relationships output
  • Implement basic language query validation
  • Error codes for MLHandler errors
  • Suppress single-letter company names

Bug Fixes

  • Fix bug in the installer that does not install VCRedistributables
  • Fix bug where tokenizerclasses.dat was sometimes ignored

Migration strategy

  • No changes should be required in your application for using 6.6.1

Updated 24 days ago

Salience 6.6.1 Release 2020-07-07(r1851)

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