Salience 6.8.0 Release 2021-10-05


  • Regex entities now have type specific to their value (e.g url) – the label used to tell you what type of thing it was eg. url, credit card #, date, but the top level only said “regex” or “pattern”. Now the top level and the label both show the specific type.
  • Faster loading of certain models and data files – decreases startup time for near real-time applications
  • Faster running of large entity lists – decreases startup time for near real-time applications
  • Support for more model types
  • Model id is now returned in model-based topic results, to track back to the responsible file – increases auditability and transparency of how results are produced.
  • Improved user entity attribute handling
  • Better company entity recognition in English
  • Optional download supplementary file provides entity attributes with NAICS code and estimated employee count for many companies
  • Improved language recognition for basic languages
  • Demo app stability improvements
  • Fixed inconsistent option display names
  • Fixed "trie overflow error" that could show up with certain long documents
  • Fixed referencing of entities with special character types in queries
  • Improved callback handling in java wrapper, primarily used to report errors while parsing queries to other systems

Migration strategy
No changes should be required in your application for using 6.8