Salience 6 Data Directory

The Salience Data Directory is the key to customizing and tuning Salience Engine is through an understanding of the components of the data directory and how and where they are applied during text analytics processing.

Below are links to documentation for each of the major sections of the data directory. Additionally, links are provided to information about specific types of files that are found throughout the data directory.

Data directory structure

Windows users: The of a standard Windows installation is found at C:\Program Files\Lexalytics.

Linux users: The location of the is dependent on where the distribution has been extracted. Ex. /home/aUser/salience-6.0.xxxx.

<Lexalytics root>/data/

Common data file formats

Certain files with specific formats exist within the data directory, and additional files can be created with these formats to customize Salience Engine behavior. Users should refer to the files provided in the default data directory for guidance whenever possible.

Phrase-based sentiment files (.hsd)
Pattern Files (.ptn)
Customer-Defined Lists (.cdl)
User Entity List files
Preprocess files
Customer Synonym Lists (.csl)

Customizing the data directory

All customization of data directory files should be done within a user directory. A user directory is one which consists of the same structure as the data directory; an example one is provided in the distribution.

NOTE: you may create multiple copies of the user directory in order to support different sets of data file customizations. The documentation for the various sections of the data directory specify which files can be customized in a user directory.