Tuning NLP Features

Salience is highly customizable, allowing you to fit it to whatever your your use case requires.

In-depth tuning that can performed client side:

  • Boolean queries
  • Sentiment phrases
  • Custom entities
  • Concept topics
  • Machine-learning models
  • POS tagging
  • Relationships
  • Intentions
  • Theme extraction
  • Tokenization
  • Opinion extraction
  • Negations and intensifiers
  • Imperative sentences
  • Alter stemming
  • Word de-compounding
  • Anaphora linking

Many of these concepts are very technical and require specialized knowledge that can be difficult and expensive to acquire. Our team does perform tuning as a service. If this is something that interests you, check out the Services and Training page for more information and inquiries, or call us at 1 (800) 377-8036.